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Sorry, but I have news for you.   NONE of those people exist on planet earth.  Why is my name so fucking hard to spell?  The only "Alan" on planet earth that spells his name any other way is Allen West.

This is the book I did the research for; The Cryotron Files.  Publised October 2018

I went to M.I.T., scoured Dudley's laboratory notebooks, filed some Freedom of Information Act Requests, and interviewed dozens of former colleagues. It was very enjoyable, and, fascinating, three years full-time research.

Because I normally only write technical reports, Douglas and I teamed up with Iain Dey to write this 100% factual scientific thriller / mystery history in a fascinating way that does not require any knowledge of physics or electronics. The book is to be released in U.S.A. October 16, but you can order now.

Be sure to carry your book and a pen around with you so that when you run into me I can autograph it for you. We will be scheduling signing events so that you can get autographs from Iain and Douglas as well.

The Cryotron Files; research by Alan H. Dewey