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What is the water temperature today at Blue Heron Bridge?

The temperature record shown on this graph below will show what the water temperature will be today at "the bridge".  This graph should be plenty accurate for you to choose how much / which wetsuit you want to dive.

I also show the high tide schedule at Blue Heron Bridge.

Click here for a graphic of last 3 days water temperature
(Will open in a new tab in your browser.)

The temperature is actually recorded in the Atlantic Ocean very close to the Palm Beach Inlet.  Notice that the temperature has a 12 hour cycle.  That is because at low tide, water is leaving the intracoastal and going out to the ocean.  In the winter, it will lower the measured temperature.  In the spring, it may raise it.   Then at high tide, ocean water is running into the intracoastal waterway. 

Average water temperatures throughout the year.

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