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Delray Beach, Florida
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Why should we dive in the Palm Beach County area?

Here are some general guidelines for what diving in Palm Beach County is like.

  • ocean temperature typically mid 80s summer and fall; low 70's in late fall, 68 to 72 F in February and March.  See the temperature chart below.

  • Drive right up to the boat.  Rarely will you have to carry your gear more than 50 feet !

  • Not  a "tourist trap" atmosphere

  • typcial boat ride from dock to dive site is 20 minutes

  • most dive sites are within sight of land; some less than 1/4 mile from shore.

  • great variety of dive sites - from newly certified to deep tech diving

  • nitrox is available at most shops

  • variety of wildlife

  • variety of depths

  • numerous artificial and natural wrecks

  • selection of hotels, apartments and resorts span across all vacation budgets

  • some boats have spearfishing, lobstering, license which covers paid customers - no need for a separate license for your vacation diving

  • photography and videography opportunities for beginners and seasoned professionals.

  • Palm Beach County has an ample supply of experienced courteous local dive guides like me.

Never dove from a boat before?

Keep in mind that there is a first time for everyone.  If you are concerned about procedures for getting to the boat, boarding, gear stowage, gear setup, or even diving from the boat, let us assure you that a professional dive master can help you with all the details.  We can arrange to haul your rental gear from the shop and meet you at the boat. We will answer all of your questions.

What about waves?  Will the boat be rocking?

In general, most divers say that the best scuba diving is in hurricane season.  June 1 through November 30 means warm water and the ocean is quite often very calm with waves less than 1 foot height.  The weather can be predicted with reasonable accuracy more than a week in advance.  If you have never dove from a boat, or have never dove in the ocean, hiring a dive master to work for you or your group can help you concentrate on what matters; your comfort and enjoyment.  Whether you wish to just float along the reef or photograph the wildlife, your divemaster will do his best to see that you enjoy every dive.

You have spent a lot of money to get to your vacation destination.  Spending a few dollars more to have your own dedicated dive master is the smart thing to do. 

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