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Are you curious why I have not been on facebook since June 2015?

Facebook has gone too far.  Well, a lot of us have been saying that for quite a while.  I recently have been saying that 'facebook is the biggest timewaster ever invented'.  I told myself a few times that I spend too much time on it. 

Well... I will not be wasting time on it any more.  And it was facebook that made this easy for me.

Check out the screenshot below.  This is what I see when I try to use facebook, right after I enter my password. 

Why in hell do they need to see an identification card with my birthday on it?  I have never given any website my correct birthday, and never will.  Once a dirtbag knows your correct birthday, it is easy to calculate your driver license number, then obtain your social security number, and take everything.  Your correct birthday should be carefully guarded.

So let me suggest these two questions:

  • How did facebook know that the birthday I gave them is inaccurate?
  • Why do they care?

facebook requires proof of birthday

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